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Key Information 

The SIF-ASIC architecture is a generic ASIC technology developed by SPACE-ASICS S.A. so that smart sensors can be interfaced through an ASIC. The main drive behind this effort was to develop an ASIC that would be the only component between a sensor and a digital processing unit. Such ASICs are presently available for the commercial sector but not for space applications. The complexity and characteristics of the commercial circuits makes their use in space prohibitive. The SIF-ASIC architecture would save customers considerable power and mass and at the same time increase reliability, radiation hardness and performance of their system.

The main functionalities of the pSIF device are listed below:

Two different versions of the SIF-ASIC have been developed:

Key Features of the SIF-ASIC

Key Features of the pSIF-ASIC

The pSIF-ASIC has been successfully interfaced with the Bradford piezo-resistive pressure transducers (PT) for space application. The flexibility of the calibration of the integrated pSIF+PT unit with respect to pressure range requirements was efficiently achieved with adjustment of the PT Bias Current and the Gain inside the ASIC.

SIF ASIC Applications

The pSIF-ASIC, as a generic data acquisition device, can be attached to various types of sensors for a series of applications, such as:

Potential non space applications

Deep Sea applications.
Pressure field sensing for AUV navigation.

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